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Guy Dating Tips – Qualifying the Girl

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This is one of the more important guy dating tips. Qualifying a girl is an important tool in any guy’s dating toolbox. There are 2 main reasons for qualifying. The first is to get the girl to try and earn your approval and affection. The second reason is to get her to give her a reason to believe you like her for reasons other than sex. This is done through the girl demonstrating value to you.

Even if your approach is amazing, and the girl really likes you, you still need to qualify her, because otherwise she will not want to look like a “slut” by having sex with you. On logical terms this seems a bit silly, but that’s the way the game is. And that is why guy dating tips are needed to get the results you desire.

When I started going out consistently, I used to qualify with generic lines that I’d use night after night. For example,

Me: “so, do you play any sports?”

Her: “yeah, I play volleyball and hockey

Me: “oh that’s so cool! I think active girls are great!”

You can qualify her about anything, but the key here is to genuinely be impressed by the activity that she does. This method of qualifying works well, and it allows you to see how well the interaction is going. If she qualifies herself to you, you’re making great progress.

The other way to qualify her is the more sincere approach. If you genuinely think she’s a cool person, and you open up with a real piece of information about yourself, then she will be compelled to tell you a piece of personal information about herself. This is an even better way of qualifying because it is deeper than the more superficial method described above.

Through lots of experimentation, which I’ve written about at Best Dating Manual (link is below), I’ve found that sincerity can help you out a lot in dating. Surprisingly, sincerity is one of the best guy dating tips!

Me: “I love to travel, and have spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia, how about you?”

Her: “Oh wow, yeah, I really like traveling too, in fact I’m saving up to go to Europe right now, it’s been a childhood dream of mine to go to Versailles.”

This works well because you’re actually being honest and sharing information about yourself, and are even opening up to her. Almost every girl will be able to tell the difference, and will appreciate your sincerity. Qualifying is just one of the many guy dating tips you need to get right in order to be good at dating.

Check out Best Dating Manual for more tips on qualifying and dating.

Become an Alpha Male is a book that explains the other necessary dating components perfectly. As a last point, I’d like to tell you that the key to dating success is going out and applying all of the concepts that you read about! Just reading about them will not improve your game.

Vincent D is a dating coach based out of Toronto, Canada.

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